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Excellent started as an industrial enterprise, with our tiles being used for flooring, in particular for protecting the backs and legs of standing employees, as well as for slip-resistant bathroom floorings.

In 1996, we started supplying products for the Rehabilitation market. In traditional industrial applications, our floorings and ramps are commonly used as driving surfaces for vehicles weighing up to 10 tons or more, so the use of floorings and ramps for wheelchairs of 150-500 kg is trivial by comparison.
We started out making ramps for thresholds. These immediately proved popular. We received comments such as: “No more tearing my stockings on sandpaper or stubbed toes on heavy metal ramps.” At the same time, our ramps are very stable due to the fact that they bear weight over their entire area, and not just at the ends like most metal ramps.

The first trade fair we participated at was in Fredericia, Denmark, in 1997, where we introduced corners for our threshold ramps. A ground breaking development that made transport over ramps considerably easier for users as well as home-care staff. Our next innovation in threshold ramps was the plate plug. The plate plug allows a ramp to be installed without screwing or drilling into the floor, tiles or threshold, and at the same time, makes it easy to move and reinstall the ramp for example when cleaning.
Since then our product portfolio has expanded substantially, and today we construct ramps up to 2 metres in height - both indoors and outdoors.

We are proud to be a Danish company. From design and development all the way through to production by our competent staff at our production facilities in Djursland, Denmark - Excellent Systems products are 100% Danish quality.