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Partner tools and resources

(These websites require approved access credentials. Please contact Grant Wood for details)


Excellent Systems online ramp construction, calculation and quoting system RampCalc.com.

To enter RampCalc a password is required. To obtain a password for RampCalc you must be a distributor, dealer or customer within the Excellent Systems organisation.

RampCalc requires basic introduction and training before use.

Cumulus Media Database

Image and Electronic media database Exas-Media.com.

To enter Cumulus a password is required. Cumulus is a large digital assets management database containing material for marketing purposes. Presently it contains more than 5000 different photos of ramp-situations and additional technical material.

All pictures and additional materials are available in high resolution for printing.

Websites for other Excellent Systems products

The Excellent PavePad System www.pavepad.com.

Unique design and functionality. A paving system that allows concrete slaps to be placed on top of the PavePads. PavePad makes it possible to level-out for instance a roof surface with a slope and due to that to create a roof-terrace.