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All of us want our world to be a good, safe and healthy place - not only for ourselves, but also for generations to come. This has always been a guiding principle for us, as privat citizens as well as in our company policy, which is why we only use non-toxic materials in our production.

The type of plastic we use in our ramp systems, is commonly known as PELD or PEHD. PELD and PEHD are both polyethylenes that are exclusively made up of carbon and hydrogen. When incinerated they turn into carbon dioxide and water vapour. Polyethylene contains no chlorine, and will therefore not generate hydrochloric acid vapour when burned. The products do not contain softeners such as phthalates or similar compounds. Since our products are produced by injection moulding (a melting process under pressure), they contain no solvents that could otherwise be released to the atmosphere as VOC (volatile organic compounds).

The raw materials and colourings we use in our ramp systems, are approved for use with food and are totally non-toxic.

Apart from their non-toxic nature, PELD and PEHD can be re-cycled 100% for re-use in production. We therefore have a waste-free production process, where any failed production pieces or off -cuts that our fi tters bring back after on-site installations, are all sent for regeneration and subsequent re-use.

Choose Excellent Systems for a cleaner and greener environment.